1870-CC Seated Liberty Quarter

The 1870-CC Seated Liberty Quarter was struck in the first year of production at the famous Carson City Mint. The branch mint had been established in order to mint silver coins from the Comstock Lode.

The new Mint turned out only 8,340 quarters during its first year of operation. With the region in desperate need of circulating medium, virtually every coin of this issue saw heavy circulation. As a result, the surviving 1870-CC Quarters are found almost exclusively in circulated grades, with the majority in the Fine to XF range. Many of these examples are impaired by cleaning, damage, or corrosion.

A single example has been graded by PCGS as MS64. This is believed to be the Eliasberg specimen, which sold at auction in 1997. At the time of sale the coin was uncertified but described as “MS64 Prooflike.”